A Beautiful Sensual First time

Although, I have been happily married for well over 30 years, I have known from a very young age that I had, and still have, feelings for the male sex but have always been very confused over my true sexuality. My wife and I used to have a good sex life but in recent years this has become almost non existent as she finds it so very difficult these days.

With more or less no sex life now, this set me on a different path in that although I love my wife so much, I need to relieve my own sexual desires. As a result, I started watching porn and increasingly Bi and gay and well as threesome films.

Ultimately, I started to research places that I could attend away from home to satisfy my desires. I have now visited and continue to do so, a number of gay saunas and found this a way of getting my sexual relief. However, I often think back to my first man to man experience. One of which I will never forget and more-so wish it could happen all over again.

Many years ago, I was self employed running my own business. Like a number of businesses, the majority of our work was local. But as the business grew, I decided to get some help. I employed a beautiful young man aged 18. His name is John and he lived locally. At this time, I was approx 22.

John, quite tall, always extremely smart, with nice short light brown hair and with a gorgeous fresh complexion. He always had a nice aftershave on which made him even more attractive. A beautiful boy who I feel could have easily been a male model. Needless to say, he was very pleased when offered the job and couldn't wait to start.

John took to the role easily and after a few months of getting to know each other, I don't know why, but we somehow had a real bond going between us both, almost reading each others mind and becoming more like brothers. Whilst the subject of sex was never brought up, some of his ways led me to believe he might be gay or Bi sexual. I never embarrassed him or quizzed him but I certainly thought he was.

Anyway, A job came into the office involving an overnight stop. Hire van loaded and bags packed, off we set off from Newcastle to the Bristol area. A good number of hours later, we arrived and managed to get unloaded. During unloading, John seemed to pull his back slightly.

"Ok John." I asked.

"I'll be ok." he replied.

It was then off to find accommodation for the night. The B&B we found only had a twin room left with breakfast. Out of courtesy, I asked John if that was Ok, before I booked the room or if we should look for another place. He replied,

"No problem, that would be nice."

Fresh-end up, it was then off to a local hostelry serving evening meals. We chatted like we had never done before and later got round to the subject of sex. He disclosed that so far in his life, he felt somewhat uncomfortable with girls and to date had not really had a girlfriend to speak of. With his looks, I was a little taken aback at that and realised that my initial thoughts may be true.

Confused about his sexuality, I was not surprised when he said he felt more attracted to men. Even though I had thought of it before, I was very pleased hearing him say it, especially having the same feelings myself and specifically for him. To be honest, I think I was falling in love with John and my mind was going mad. I told him not to worry about, it really didn't matter. He was a nice young man and would find out all in good time.

John then said,

"Since we started working together, don't you think we seem to be bonding very well with each other."

"I certainly do John." I replied.

"Have you ever been with another man John" I asked.

" Not yet, but I have a feeling it might not be long before I do" John said.

"Oh, hows that" I said.

"Well you have to admit we do get on really well. The bond we have together and the looks that I get from you, tells me you yourself might feel the same way. Isn't that so" John asked.

I was shocked, as I had obviously tried not to consciously show my interest in him and he as was normally so quiet, so I had to think quick.

Being honest with him, I said,

"Yes I do" and "what about you John"

"Well, I would love to try my first experience and see what it's like, but I would feel safer with someone I know." John commented.

I couldn't help notice, but by now, I could see that he had a nice bulge appearing in his trousers. And likewise, I could feel myself getting aroused after hearing his comments.

"Hows your back now John." I asked.

"Still a-wee bit sore." he replied.

"Perhaps a nice soft massage might help then." I suggested.

"Nice idea." John said.

Time was getting on and we both agreed it would be a good idea to make a move back to the B&B. Once in the room, I think both our hearts were pounding at the thought of what we both knew was about to happen with each other. Looking John in the eyes, I asked him,

"Are you ok with this."

"Yes, I cannot wait as I am starting to feel so aroused at the thought" he said,

"Are you." John asked.

"I think so much of you John, I cannot wait either." I replied.

Facing him, I lifted his t-shirt over his head. This revealed his beautiful clean shaven body. His skin was just so smooth, it was like velvet. I couldn't help myself and proceeded to run my hands all over his solid chest not forgetting his nipples which were now standing very proud.

I moved my mouth over to his nipples sucking and licking them which drove him wild and made him moan. Shortly afterwards, I moved down to his trousers and undid his belt. He kicked them off and this revealed him wearing a pure white tight fitting jockstrap. Oh my god, I thought. He looked absolutely stunning and by now my hard cock was throbbing like mad.

Seeing him like this really turned me on. His cock was now forming a huge tent inside his very nice jockstrap. I placed my hand onto his bare ass and just like his chest this was so beautifully smooth and fresh. We looked at each other, smiled and he whispered

"I think you will like my cock if you try."

I shivered at the thought and running my hands all over his body, I slowly moved my hand to just above his private arpea and to the top of his jockstrap.

I gradually slipped my hand just inside the front of it, expecting to find his pubic hair and was very surprised to find that he had none at all and just like the rest of his body he was clean shaven. Gorgeous.

At last, I took hold of his fantastic huge member. John is simply massive and I shivered with excitement and delight. He must be 8+ inches. I had no idea he was so big. Carefully removing his jockstrap, his hard, veined, smooth circumcised cock and soft well hung balls sprung up like a missile and was now right in front of me.

By now John was standing there totally naked and turning to me said,

"Now its your turn."

He undid my shirt revealing just like his, my smooth shaved chest, whilst my shirt fell to the floor, he then quickly unfastened my trousers letting them drop to the floor. I stepped out willingly. Like myself, he ran his hands over my body caressing my smooth chest and sucking my nipples which I personally found rather tender.

Moving swiftly, John, had his warm hands inside my Tanga briefs in no time at all. He took my erect cock in his hand and ran it over my pre cum head. My briefs were soon off and he collected as much of my pre cum on his fingers and licked them clean tasting my juices.

Both fully naked, we admired each others bodies and gave each other a nice long close hug. It was so sensual. Our silky bodies moved together rhythmically making this a very erotic time for us both. I leaned over to the dressing table and popped some massage oil onto both our cocks. We held each other and started to masturbate one another.

Getting closer, he took control and rubbed both our cocks together and in no time we were both very wet with pre cum. Before I had chance, he bent down and took my cock slowly into his mouth, sucking and slurping it and taking me in and out of his warm mouth, right to the back of his throat. It wasn't long before I was getting close to cumming but as it was early we stopped.

I said,

"Lets go into the shower and freshen up."

We both stepped into the cubicle and soon had the hot water running all over our bodies. I took the shower gel and then passed it to John and then we commenced to soap each other all over. It was very exhilarating soaping and washing each others bodies and in particular each others cocks.

After a while, I asked John to lift his left leg which he did onto a wall mounted seat inside the shower. Popping some more gel onto my fingers, I massaged his ass and parted his butt cheeks and then proceeded to attend to his tight love hole. He could hardly contain his excitement. I ran my fingers up and down it for some time eventually managing to get my finger right into him as well and caressing his balls and up to his cock.

John nearly fainted with the pleasure of having one finger and then two inside him. Later, he reciprocated and did the same to me. Both of us were very much enjoying each others company. After Approx 15 - 20 minutes or so, we left the shower feeling very excited at our shower time together. We moved into the bedroom, and still damp sat on one of the beds and laughed.

Having had a drink of water, I turned and looked into his eyes.

"Lay down on the bed on your chest John." I said.

Quickly, he was laid facedown on the bed.

"The massage to your sore back then John." I said.

I got the massage oil and being careful applied some to his back. I gently massaged his back as well as his ass cheeks, love hole and legs. I then gently moved onto him positioning my chest onto his back so that our soft fresh damp skins were rubbing together.

We laid like this for a few minutes and I moved my head up to his, smelling his fresh clean body and we then gently kissed each other for the first time. We kissed for a good few minutes and used our tongues well. My rock hard cock was also laid on him resting between his ass cheeks. Moving my hands over his back and shoulders, it wasn't long before I moved back down the bed to be level with his lovely firm ass.

Obviously turned on, he opened his legs wider which allowed my fingers to feel his tight love hole once more. He really loved the feeling and was moaning and starting to breath heavier. And as I could not resist, I whispered into his ear,

"you will enjoy the next bit John."

I told him to lie on his side which he did without hesitation, I carefully pushed his right leg up towards his chest.

This was it. My fantasy was coming to fruition. I was about to have my first rimming experience. I tongued and licked his ass cheeks and moved carefully to his beautiful clean love hole. Moving up and down, I used my tongue well, spending plenty of time on and getting well into him but also taking his beautiful balls into my mouth and licking between his love hole and his massive hard cock. He tasted absolutely fantastic.

I was so honoured he had wanted to be with me for this his first experience. After a short time his cock was very wet with pre cum. I moved up and cleaned every drop tasting his sweet juice. Simply wonderful. We then agreed to quietly push the 2 beds together to form a double.

John asked that I lay down first which I did. Very soon, he straddled over my head and bending forward he took hold of my rock hard 6 inch circumcised cock and started to masturbate me. Running his hand up and down my oily shaft, he leaned forward and took it deep into his mouth, deeply sucking and slurping and running his mouth all the way up and down my cock and balls. I was in ecstasy and it was not long before my cock pumped away my juices into well into his mouth which he said tasted great. He swallowed every drop.

Meanwhile, his huge cock was nicely above my head, but was soon in my mouth where he rhythmically moved in and out, going deep into my throat which very nearly made me gag. His cock received all the attention it so deserved, I sucked and slurped away all the way up and down his shaft and not forgetting those well huge balls. But like myself earlier he suddenly stopped as he told me was getting close to cumming and wanted to save himself for later.

After a while, John moved off the bed and then lifted my legs towards my head in order to get to my own love hole. I had never been rimmed before so when he got his face into my butt and licked and played with my hole and soft balls with his tongue, I was in heaven and simply did not want him to finish. It wasn't long before John slid a finger in there. I was wanting to scream with all the various sensations.

Laying there for what seemed ages, it wasn't long before I felt John's massive tool rubbing against my ass and balls.

"I would love to fuck you." he said.

"And I would love you to fuck me John." I said.

Before we left home for this trip, I had packed some lube just in case of something happening. I undid the bottle and turned to John and coated his hard cock with the lube. He then dribbled some lube onto my ass and used his fingers to lubricate my love hole and prepare me for my first fuck.

Soon, I felt his cock rub up and down my ass groove and in no time at all, he gently pushed down and I felt his shaft slide into my hole. This being my first time, it took some time in getting inside me and at first was painful, but eventually he was fully inside me and I the pain eased.

Knowing it was my first time I had been fucked, he very carefully started to thrust in and out. The sheer delight of having his cock inside of my tight hole just drove me wild and the desire to have him in there was even more exciting. I could not believe that the boy was so good. It wasn't long before I felt his huge throbbing cock start to pulsate inside of me filling me with his lovely cum juices. After he withdrew, I then licked the end of his cock so as to taste his beautiful sweet juices.

John, his body now sweating heavily, laid down beside me. We both faced each other and smiled at what had taken place. We laid naked together for quite some time enjoying this very special occasion. We could not stop caressing each other, rubbing our hands over bodies and specifically our sensitive parts.

As it was now late, we both agreed there was no urgent rush to get up early. We fell asleep naked and close together. It was lovely.

In the morning, I woke up first to find John facing me. It wasn't long before he moved. I could not help myself and moved under the duvet. I put my mouth onto his cock and ran my lips up and down his now erect shaft. John, now fully awake, turned to me with a real nice smile said quietly,

"I thoroughly enjoyed our time together last night, but you didn't manage to me fuck me, which I so want and need to feel you inside me".

I said,

"I think after our experience last night, I would have struggled to achieve it. I did not want you to be disappointed, however, I have not forgotten and you will soon be satisfied. And to be honest, I want you so much John."

After we took hold of each others cocks we took our time and sucked and slurped each other. I managed to deepthroat him once again until he shot a massive amount of cum well into the back of my mouth. I swallowed every single drop of his beautiful tasting load. It was then my turn to fuck his ass.

John then lubed my cock ready and he moved to the bottom of the bed laying on his front and letting his legs hang over the edge. He spread them apart revealing his nice clean welcoming hole ready to be fucked. I dribbled some lube onto his ass and fingered him to ensure my cock would enter him easier. He could not wait and assisted me by pulling his ass cheeks apart. In no time at all, I carefully pushed my throbbing cock into him.

So tight, he winced and moaned at having me inside him and I felt every part of him. Gently, I thrust in and out, making sure not to rush. At one point, I stopped thrusting so as to just lay there together with my cock deep inside his super ass. Soon, I was there and my cock exploded shooting all my cum inside him. We then both cleaned up and laid together for a while before we got up, showered then had breakfast.

The journey home was great as we discussed our experience together. And I can confirm since then, John asked that we had more trips away with nights out. From there on we somehow we had quite a number of trips away. I wonder why.

Sadly, as time went on, we went our separate ways and somewhat lost touch. But I will never ever forget him.












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