Mandys Introduction

My wife Mandy and I have been married for 10 years and have 2 kids. We have a nice family and are really happy. Our sex life is great and we have lots of fun together. Mandy comes from a fairly conservative background where my upbringing was much more of a wild card. For a long time I have fantasized about sharing Mandy with another man but have never brought it up to her because I thought she would freak out.

Mandy is gorgeous with curly brown hair and a smile that kills! She's 5'10" 160lbs and was a college athlete so she has a really sexy build with 36b tits. They're a little bigger currently because she's breastfeeding. Thanks to her athletic background she also has an amazing ass! The smoothness and tone of her skin really puts it all together. No man, or woman, would say no to her!

I am about the same size as her with a thinner athletic build for a guy (runner) with a decent size 7.5 inch cock. That is where our story really begins.

My wife and I really do have great sex. She likes to dress sexy from time to time and is fairly experimental with me! She's let me blindfold her, tie her to the bed and even lets me fuck her sexy ass every once in a while! All of this has taken time to get her to try it out, but each step she's taken she has really enjoyed. Lately, we've become a bit more vocal during sex and the talking has made things a bit more exciting.

One night, while we were having sex, she was talking sexy about how big my cock was and how good it felt inside her. She only had two sexual partners before me and doesn't watch porn ever so she doesn't really know how big they can get. It was really hot to hear her talk like this but, at one point, I mentioned that I'm not massive or anything and that some guys cocks are much bigger than mine. She was floored but told me she found that hard to believe. She stated that there is no way guys can be much larger than me, maybe slightly at best. We continued to fuck and had a great evening, but I think her curiosity was sparked!

Talking with her about cock sizes greatly increased how much I thought about this fantasy of watching her with another guy. Later that week I took it upon myself to find a guy with a big cock. I posted an ad stating that I was looking for a big cock for my wife to experience. After wading through a lot of responses and looking at a lot of cocks, some guys really think they are hung when they are not, I finally found a guy that I thought would work. He was a built athletic guy 6'2" 200lb guy in his early 20's and had a cock to match! His name was Eric.

Eric sent a picture of his cock next to a soda can and he had both the length and the girth to go with it. I was impressed with how big it was and I really wanted to know what Mandy would think of it. I couldn't stop thinking about watching my wife with this massive cock! I met him in person just to talk about what my idea was and letting him know that this wasn't a sure thing.

Eric had a pretty chill demeanor but let me know on more than one occasion that once it starts there's no turning back, he's going to get what he wants, my wife! "Once we make it to the bedroom I can be really dominant and there really will be no turning back," he told me. I didn't even think this would go anywhere so that didn't bother me at all.

The plan was really pretty simple. My wife and I would go out one night to get some drinks as I try to get her a little tipsy. Eric would spark up a conversation with us and try to work on a wager regarding cock size. The goal was to see if my wife wanted to see it! So really there was no plan, just see if my wife would go for seeing another man's cock! I was pretty sure my Mandy wouldn't let it go that far, but, at least we'd try.

The following Friday night our kids were spending the weekend at her parents house. We got all dressed up and went out for dinner. After dinner we were headed to get drinks at a bar somewhat close to our house. I texted Eric to let him know where we would be at and that Mandy and I were drinking.

Mandy was about 3 drinks in when Eric walked in and I knew I was stupidly at a no going back moment! I thought about heading home multiple times before Eric got there but my fantasy was rolling around in my head too much and I just had to see how my wife would respond. I quickly got us another round to make sure she wouldn't think about leaving either. My wife doesn't usually drink more than 2 at best so she was feeling it for sure and I started to get really flirty with her in hopes to get her aroused before Eric stepped in.

After a little while, Eric made his way to us and started chatting it up! He's a natural, and my wife and I love talking with people so it starts up with ease. Later in the conversation he is mentioning how cute of a couple we are and Mandy asked, 'You're a good looking guy, where's your girlfriend at?'

Now I'm not sure his next lines would really work on anyone else, but because of the discussion on cock sizes previously between Mandy and I, it piqued Mandys interest!

Eric replied, "Well I'm only 21 and I've had a couple of girlfriends but once we get into the bedroom I think I make them a little nervous."

Mandy inquired, "Why would you make them nervous? This conversation has been lovely."

Eric replied, 'It's not my personality that makes them nervous."

Mandy, being so naive, dug a little deeper, "I don't understand, what is it then?"

Eric boldly stated, "It feels funny to even say it but, I have a really big dick and it kinda freaks them out."

Mandy, still being so naive and a little drunk, "Well my husband has a pretty big one and look at us, we're happy and together." Mandy leans over and gives me a hug and a kiss.

Eric chuckled lightly, "I don't think you understand Mandy, I'm probably bigger than your husband by over an inch for sure."

My wife drunkenly slid her hand down toward my cock, "I highly doubt that, that doesn't seem possible."

Eric replied, "I tell you what, I would be willing to wager a bet." Eric dug into his pants pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. "If I'm not more than an inch bigger than your husband, all this is yours! It's about $500!" Eric said. And like the smart man he is, he just paused and waited.

Mandy, being more curious than I thought she would, asked the obvious follow up, "And if you're over an inch bigger?"

Eric smiled at Mandy warmly and you can tell all parties involved are interested in this wager. "There is no way I'm smaller, but let's just say if I'm more than an inch bigger you have to give me a handjob, but, if I'm more than 2 inches bigger... well then, let's just say you're mine for the night!" He finished his drink, set it on the table and said "I'm going to head to the bathroom and let you two talk."

My wife looked at me to try to get some sort of read on me and sayid, "What a coincidence after our talks earlier this week!"

"Yea, that conversation changed rather quickly and came out of nowhere! He's kind of brazen isn't he!" I replied. There's a short pause and you can feel neither of us know how to ask about the proposition laid out in front of us so I just asked plainly, "What are you thinking?"

Mandy replied, "I was going to ask you the same thing!" Neither of us are wanting to tread into the unspoken territory.

I keep pushing us deeper into this rabbit hole I created for us, "I mean, to be honest, it would be kind of fun to prove you wrong and see your thoughts on a bigger cock."

Mandy replied, "I don't know if it's the alcohol but I am kind of curious to see one just out of plain curiosity! But you don't think he would be over 2 inches bigger than you do you?" Mandy not knowing that I already know he's more than 2 inches bigger with some room to spare.

I told her, "How am I supposed to know! I mean, over 2 inches would be really big, like porn star big, but it's possible, just unlikely." I try to make it all seem far-fetched, "That $500 sounds nice though!" Also knowing that is not going to happen either way.

Mandy asked, "Well, what would you think about it if we went forward with this and he is bigger? Are you ok with me giving a stranger a hand job?"

I replied without going to the inevitable of that it would be going past a handjob, "I mean, it's just a handjob, and it could be kind of hot watching your pretty hands pleasing another man. I'd be ok with it with the prospect of possibly getting $500."

Eric comes back to the table without us having time to fully discuss it all, "So what are you two beautiful people thinking? Willing to wager that bet?"

Out of nowhere Mandy jumped in, "How about we up the ante a little! You seem so confident, so let's go all or nothing! I raise the bet to $1000, but there is no hand job option, you have to be more than 2 inches bigger than my husband to get anything. But if you are, you get it all and if you're not we get the money!"

Eric pretends to ponder but we both know he isn't risking anything, "Deal! But I'll need to head to an ATM before heading out, I don't have that much on me." Luckily for us there is one across the street! My wife and Eric shook hands and we finished our drinks before heading out! We got outside and Eric asked, "So where are we headed?"

My wife and I never chatted about this at all, but I was thinking she might be more comfortable at our place, but do I really want this guy to know where we live? As if Mandy was the one that had all this planned, she says without thinking, "We actually don't live too far from here and our house is empty. We could just walk there!"

I was floored by Mandys eagerness! Has she been thinking about this before and I never knew it? She leads the way to our house after Eric hits up the ATM! The atmosphere feels light hearted and fun as Mandy banters about what she'll do with the money.

Eric replies, "Don't get your hopes up for the money but for what it will be like to play with a big cock!" The rest of the conversation is mostly how sexy Mandy looks as she's walking in front of us!

We got to our house and Mandy put the code in and I'm slightly freaking out not knowing if Eric saw the code as she drunkenly put that in! We walk in, there's some toys in the living room but Mandy leads us straight up the stairs to our bedroom!

Now Eric knows where we live, that Mandy's a MILF, and I am also not sure if he noticed the code! My mind is all over the place! We get to our room and Eric just sits on the couch that faces our bed. Damn he's too comfortable and so is Mandy!

Mandy jokingly told Eric, "Alright let's get me my money!"

Eric replied confidently, "You haven't earned anything yet. We need to be hard to measure this out so what are we going to do about that?"

My wife has never been a porn viewer and tonight was no different. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed facing Eric and Mandy stood up between us! "Alright, I'll help the best I can but you get no nudity or touching. I'll strip part way down."

Eric boldly stated, "That will all soon change!"

In front of a complete stranger I watched my wife slip the shoulder straps of her dress down the sides of her arms as she smiles. I couldn't believe she's this comfortable, it must be the alcohol. We both watched as my wife's black dress slid down her gorgeous body and underneath she had on this super cute strapless black bra and a sexy lacy pair of panties that's almost a thong but not quite. To top it off, she's also wearing some incredibly sexy thigh high stockings! At this point nothing else needed to happen to get me hard. Watching my wife take off her dress in front of Eric, I was rock hard! Eric, on the other hand, wanted more!

"Mandy, you look incredible! But, just to be fair, you are going to see me naked. So, can you take off one more piece of clothing?" Eric asks.

Mandy sarcastically strips off her stockings and shakes her ass in front of him "If you can't get hard from this, then you should just leave now!"

Eric tells me, "Trevor you go first and we'll see what I have to beat out size wise here."

My wife walks over to me and helps me with my shirt and I stand up and she slides my pants down. She notices how hard I am and whispers into my ear, "Wow, someone is excited! We're going to fuck so hard after we get this money. I'm glad I married a guy with a big dick." She slides by briefs off as my rock hard cock is standing straight out! She grabs my cock and strokes it lightly! "This cock is going to be hard to beat Eric," my wife has no clue I set us up for failure!

Eric smiles and states that it's decent but stands up boldly and takes off his shirt and pants. Before he even takes off his briefs you can tell he is not kidding when he says he's large! From the bulge in his pants, large isn't even the word I'd use. You can tell he's huge! Eric says, "Your husbands cock is big but", as he slides his briefs down, "I easily have him beat."

My wife looks astonished and I've seen a few pictures of it but even I'm shocked! That is the definition of a cock! I have a big dick but this guy has a cock!

My wife speaks before me, "Wow that is massive! I didn't think this would go this far! I honestly thought this would be the end of it."

Eric replies 'Well it might be we haven't measured anything'

My wife and I have been doing some remodeling so she goes into the bathroom and grabs the measuring tape and hands it to me...

Eric says, 'To be fair Mandy, I think the same person has to do the measuring.' She takes it back from me and with one hand at the base of my cock and the other at the tape she stretches it out and I'm just shy of 7.5 inches.

She walks over to Eric and I think she can tell she lost this bet but Eric smiles saying, 'Mandy you should get on your knees in front of me as you measure'. She is getting more timid and less cocky now as she isn't sure where this is going now.

Her hand touches his cock for the first time and she stretches the tape measure out... Eric is just shy of 10 inches which puts him over the 2 inch bar that was set.

'Mandy look up at me' as she does Eric says, 'Why don't you tell your husband who won the bet' I already know he won obviously but she looks over...

Mandy looking confused says 'That is a big dick! I didn't think they got that big! I'm sorry hun but he won that bet.'

We were now at a point I didn't think we'd ever get to and I think my wife was thinking the same thing!

My wife looked up at Eric and he smiled at her, 'I guess you're mine Mandy! We can start light with a handjob, I know you want to feel that big cock of mine!'

My wife looked over at me and I was beyond turned on looking at her, on her knees and in front of this monster cock. I shrugged my shoulders and said 'You made the bet hun. I don't know what to say!'

Mandy asked, 'Are you ok with this?' I just asked the same thing back... her response almost made me cum!

Mandy, obviously a little drunk and really homey said, 'His cock is really intriguing to me. If you're ok with it , I'd love to see where tonight goes!'

Then, with giving them more permission than either of them needed, I replied, 'Mandy, I'm really turned on by all this so I'm fine with where any of this goes tonight!'

With that, Eric took control just like he said he would and those words echoed in my mind....

Once we make it to the bedroom, I can be really dominant and there really will be no turning back....

Mandy looked back at Eric as he demanded her to, 'Get your hands on that cock baby, you're mine now!' Mandy happily obliged at this first request but this was only the beginning to our evening. I didn't know the rabbit hole I just created for my wife and I!

The scene taking place in front of me was incredibly sexy! My wife was stroking Eric's cock but what made it really hot is that it required her to use both of her hands because he was so big!

Encouraging her Eric said 'Mandy you are now becoming what they call a hotwife! Do you know what that means?'

My innocent wife looked up at Eric and replied, 'No I've never heard that term.'

Eric filled her in as she stroked his cock. He explained 'A hotwife is a married woman who's allowed to fuck other men. And after tonight, I know this won't be our only time, and I doubt that I will be the only man. You will be hooked Mandy, I can promise you that! Now take a lick of your first bull cock! Taste my cock you sexy hotwife Mandy!'

Without hesitation my wife obeyed him and started licking up and down his massive cock! It was as if she was just dying for him to ask her to start licking! Pulling his cock up she even started to devour his balls, sucking on them one at a time!

Eric looks over at me and says 'Your wife is hungry for my cock! I doubt she's ever been this hungry for your cock cucky! And I know you know what that term means don't you!' I nodded my head yes toward him. 'Why don't you enlighten your sexy little hotwife here on what a cuckold is!'

My wife looked my way with both of her hands on her bulls cock as I explained saying 'A cuckold is a husband who allows his wife to have sex with other men.'

Eric stepped in to better fill Mandy in and further stated, 'Now that's a real basic definition.' Mandy now looking up at him as she's stroking his cock he continued 'Mandy, a cuckold is a husband who encourages his wife to fuck other men and finds pleasure in doing so! Now look over at your husband and see how hard he is watching his beautiful bride licking another man's cock!' She looked over and he's right on the money, I am raging hard as this scene is unfolding in front of me. Eric, taking it even further, said 'I doubt he's ever been this hard your entire marriage Mandy, but enough with definitions open wide for me hun.'

Mandy turned her head and became a little more timid but the curiosity was still getting the better of her as she opened her mouth for him. Eric, making it even more clear how big his cock is, said 'You know you're going to have to open wider than that!' Mandy opened her mouth wider as Eric grabbed the back of her head and slowly inched his cock into her willing mouth!

She let go of his cock and moved both of her hands onto his thighs. Eric had both of his hands in my wife's hair as he slowly began to slide in and out of her mouth! When he hit halfway I could see her push back against his thighs!

I'm so turned on watching this and I began to stroke my rigid cock! Eric noticed, 'You like watching your wife suck my cock don't you Trevor,' I nodded my head yes and Eric continued,' say it Trevor, tell us what you like.'

Looking at both my wife and Eric I said, 'I like seeing my wife sucking your cock.'

Mandy stopped sucking and looked over at me to ask 'You like watching this?' She looked slightly puzzled.

I looked at my wife kneeling in just her bra and panties in front of a guy who has an almost 10" cock and told her I like watching her suck his dick! I tried to explain, 'I don't know how to explain it hun, but it's hot watching you perform sexually with someone else.'

'Alright enough talking' Eric spoke in the middle, 'Now cuck get behind your sexy wife and hold her wrists behind her back.' I walked over and knelt behind Mandy as she placed her hands behind her back. I gently grabbed them by her wrists.

Eric said smiling 'Good, now she won't be able to push back on me as I fuck her pretty little face! We're going to see how much of my cock this obedient little slut wife of yours can take!' And before she could say anything about him calling her a slut, he slid his cock into her mouth and, at first, gently started fucking her mouth. But as he got deeper and faster I had to hold my wife's wrists harder as she began to gag.

Eric had both hands on the back of her head as he was fucking Mandys mouth! There was drool and spit draining down her chin from her mouth!


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